RHEMA (ray-ma) noun: the part of a sentence that expresses an idea. 

After decades of working successfully in entertainment, former bandmates Marc Jackson (lead vocals, guitars, synths) and Jeffrey Casey (vocals, synths, drums) have resumed their 80s techno/pop band RHEMA. 

Their first single, "Life in Front of You," captures all the upbeat emotional angst of a John Hughes film but with a modern edge. 

RHEMA was originally signed to Curb/MCA records in 1983. That same year they were cast as a band of aliens in the so-bad-it's-good movie Voyage of the Rock Aliens. (No, really. This exists.) The film was well-received in Europe but never released in the U.S. The band parted ways, but when the movie showed up online recently, they began to enjoy an unexpected cult following. 

Influences from Bowie to Simple Minds to M83 weave their way into their new synth pop EP currently in production. RHEMA’s sound offers a decidedly modern approach but doesn’t shy away from inspirations deeply rooted in the 80s. 

"Life in "Front of You" has been released independently by MoonLab Music in association with Rural War Room and is available now on iTunes and soon, everywhere digital music can be bought or streamed. The EP by the same name will be released late summer 2017.